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Welcome to the 92nd Entry Web Site

This website is dedicated to all those fresh face young lads who arrived at Wendover Station in late 1959 on route to No 1 School of Technical Training RAF Halton to begin their 3 years training and become the 92nd Entry of Aircraft Apprentices.

Aged between 15 and 17 years old, they came from all over the United Kingdom and overseas including Malta and from all walks of life.

On induction, the strength of the 92nd Entry was 195 and during the 3 years at Halton this number was reduced for various reasons. Some decided that the life was not for them and others lost to medical discharge, purchased discharge and unsuitable for training.

The 92nd Entry graduated on 18th April 1962 and 179 members including additions from senior entries dispersed to RAF Stations throughout the world to apply their new found skills and serve in the Royal Air Force for varying lengths of time and in many cases, on to successful second careers.

Sadly, we have lost some of our numbers along the way and these are remembered here.  Those of us that remain are now scattered throughout the world, and, as we grow older, we naturally tend to look back to those days with fondness, where friendships were made and future lives shaped for many.

The spirit of Halton lives on and our reunions bear witness to this – long may they continue.

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